Hallucinating Parky

Medications are not working
Time to increase the dopamine agonist
Hoping to stop the jerking
Now I need to be a pragmatist

Then comes the side effects
You see things that are not there
They seem like real objects
Your mind wanders and you stare

The hallucinations are real
They strike early morning
The imagery is surreal
I am lucky they are not calling

I see a woman with a key
And a man in a chair
The woman tries to flee
The man spins around in mid-air

Two girls are playing
Then they start swaying
They try on some clothes
It is time to compose

Why is my mind wandering
I just want to sleep
My brain is just squandering
My body needs upkeep

They only last for several minutes
At least they are not spirits
Then comes the bars of light
And everything becomes all right

Stephen Duffield

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