My day… Nina Mary Jackson

My day……

Today was really hard for me
Today was really crass
Today I had no balance dear
I fell and landed on my a##

Today my legs were jelly
Today my legs were stiff
Today I walked through treacle dear
All day just wondering” what if?”

Today I really cried a lot
Today I just felt sad
Today I just felt blue dear
And it leaves me feeling mad

Today I felt lots of pain
Today I just felt stress
Today was just not good dear
I always feel a mess.

Today my daughter hugged me
Today she showed her love
Today she sacrificed her time dear
And gave me all she could.

Today I came to see now…
Today I realise
Today there’s lots of love dear
Now I must dry my eyes.

Today I told myself
There’s much in life for me
The trouble was self pity dear
So I dumped it in the sea.

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