MY DAY – MY WAY by Shelley Edwards


Another sleepless night , it occurs almost every night
How much more, can one do, than to switch off the light
To sleep, just one night, the whole night through
I know I shouldn’t moan, well I am, wouldn’t you

When I wake up in my bed,
I’ve got a pain in my head
I also have a pain in my neck,
Here we go another day, Oh heck.!

I normally have a struggle to get to my feet
Then there’s muscle spasms,cramps in my legs, oh what a treat
I put one foot in front of the other , gingerly I go
With an ooh and an ahh and a oh, oh oh no!

Now it’s just a short distance, to go to the loo.
It surely can’t be that hard, for me to do!!
Sometime it is, and sometimes it’s not.!
Who would be me, I certainly, would not !!!

Here I am in the bathroom , you think it would be easy
To have a wash and get dressed, it must be easy peasey
It’s not though, when you’re finding it hard to stand,
It’s even much harder, when you’ve got two shaking hands
That’s all done,,! it’s taken me a long time in there
Just to make up and brush my hair, who would really care
If I look like a mess, it won’t matter , as I’m not going out,!
Why on earth, did I dress?, because I’m only lounging about

What shall I do with my time, at home today
There’s so much to do, no time for making hay
There’s the washing and the hoovering to do
Tidy and make the home look fresh & new
Thinking about it, makes me really tired
If you’d like to come and do it for me, You’re hired !

So it’s onwards and upwards, that’s what I say
As for my tremor , Well it’s obviously here to stay
So I have no choice but to cope with it each & every day’
It really does get on my nerves and makes me really swear
But heh ! I should have got used to it ! I’ve had it now for years.!!

I find my days , are all the same
Such is life! There is no one to blame?
So I’m going to get on with it, day by day
And I’m going to do it MY WAY!!! – Today

Written by Shelley Edwards (c)


WHAT DO I DO !! by Shelly Edwards


What do I do when my body every day, is in so much pain?
What can I do? But cope, as I have done, over and over again
When the tablets I take, aren’t taking my pain away
What do I do,? I just smile and say
‘Maybe they will find something to help me , One day’

What should I do? When my legs give way
Sit down!! I can hear you say
But when I sit down , I then can’t get up!!
What to do ? should I stay in bed
Then that’s it! I might as well be dead!!

What should I do?, When I start to trip or fall
Should I pray that something, Will break my fall
Or just close my eyes , and say ‘what the heck’
And Just hope & pray , I don’t break my neck !!!

What should I do when somebody knocks!!
Run to the Door , Now that would be a shock!!!
I wish I could run, But I can hardly walk
I get to the door Is somebody there!?
No .I took too long !!They’ve disappeared, into thin air!!

What should I do when I can’t sleep
I know what people say ! That I should count sheep
Why sheep? why not pigs,cows, or ducks, it’s only fair
I wonder who made that rule , do I really care ?

What do I do , when I need to go out anywhere
I take hours to get ready, to dress, make up, do my hair
Then just as I am about to go!!
I’m tired & in so much pain , who cares if I don’t show!!
No-one will miss me if I’m not there,
Anyway, I’d rather be at home, sitting in my chair….

I’m sorry if this poem seems rather bleak!!
I’m not always like this , feeling so weak
This is just a part of me , that I needed to share
To anyone who’d listen , and anyone who would care

I care , I always will…I love it when I can make someone smile .
Because It’s good for me to stop and chat , just for a while…..

Written by Shelley Edwards (c)


Funny people…… by Nina Mary Jackson

Funny people……

Ive met some funny people
Who make me look quite sane
I thought it was a parky group
But I had to look again

There’s talk of constipation
Suppositories galore
People falling over
And landing on the floor

Some naughty man I know
Fell right of his ladder
And others make me laugh
Cos they can’t control their bladder

We love the lovely posts
Of gardens and lovely plants
I’m just waiting now for someone
To get ants inside their pants

Then we talk of brains
how to help donate
Well you’re welcome to mine
But there’s nothing in it mate

Nina Mary Jackson