My day… Nina Mary Jackson

My day……

Today was really hard for me
Today was really crass
Today I had no balance dear
I fell and landed on my a##

Today my legs were jelly
Today my legs were stiff
Today I walked through treacle dear
All day just wondering” what if?”

Today I really cried a lot
Today I just felt sad
Today I just felt blue dear
And it leaves me feeling mad

Today I felt lots of pain
Today I just felt stress
Today was just not good dear
I always feel a mess.

Today my daughter hugged me
Today she showed her love
Today she sacrificed her time dear
And gave me all she could.

Today I came to see now…
Today I realise
Today there’s lots of love dear
Now I must dry my eyes.

Today I told myself
There’s much in life for me
The trouble was self pity dear
So I dumped it in the sea.


By Nina Mary Jackson

You have a secret friend you know
Who follows you all day
Sometime hes playing hide and seek
When he keeps out your way.
Then just as you feel peaceful
And you’re feeling really well
He decides to leave the secret place
And make your life just hell.
You know when he is near you
Cos your body starts to shake
Just very gently at first
Then you realise your mistake,
You thought that you were clever
Your body calm and still
You forgot the time of day
And missed your lunch time pill.
Well he’s happy to have tricked you
And put you in a spin
That calm and happy day you had
Is now firmly in the bin.
But just don’t let him beat you
Cos you can win the war
Take medication as you should
And show this secret friend the door.

Nina Mary Jackson


From DJ Madonna

Stephen, thanks for being the special guest on my radio show. It’s really great of you to record the poems and tell us about your diagnosis, your positive outlook will be inspiring to many.
Here is a link to the radio station
The website will show the schedule for all the DJs shows and the gid will be useful for calculating local times worldwide.


More Parky poems on Radio Parkies


More Parky poems on Radio Parkies

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Rock and Roll Parky

Rock and Roll Parky

The parky and the lupie
Dancing the night away like a rookie

We know exercise is a pacesetter
Dancing is even better

We are having fun
Twist and turning and getting spun

The pain goes absentee
And the smiles are all we see

We have met John and Robyn
Who have shown us the skills to make it rocking

We dance every night
Together we will dance the pain and stiffness into the limelight

Soon we will go to dance nights
Dancing into the parky and lupie socialites

Stephen Duffield  2 May 2016

You can find John and Robyn at