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Hi Everyone, I have been invited to speak on RadioParkies for DJ Madonna.

I will be on during DJ Madonna’s program.
Wednesday 8-9pm (AEST); Friday 8-9am (AEST)

Discussion about me and reading of 1 poem. Certainly had some challenges doing the session, happy with the outcome. I hope to continue doing some more and share my parky poems with the wider Parkinson’s network.

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Tulip cup-cakes for World Parkinson’s Day 2016

Stephen Duffield and Robyn Duffield treating members of the Ipswich Parkinsons Support Group to a morning tea of tulip cup-cakes for World Parkinson’s Day.12963358_1717303575182352_6574955711881885135_n13001180_10153722319919825_2532345268828883451_nRobyn feeling clever I had an idea and here is the finished product, ‪#‎Cupcakes‬ I’ve made for ‪#‎worldparkinsonsday‬ for the support group meeting tomorrow ‪#‎shakeitup‬ ‪#‎livingwithparkinsons‬ ‪#‎pause4parkinsons‬ ‪#‎pause4thecause‬ ‪#‎someoneiloveneedsacure‬ ‪#‎someoneilovehasparkinsons‬ ‪#‎itsnotfairforhim‬ ‪#‎itsnotanoldpersonsdisease‬#findacure ‪#‎raiseswareness‬ ‪#‎redtulip‬#Drjparkinsonsbirthday@shakeitupaust


World Parky Day (11 April 2016)

World Parky Day (11 April 2016)

On this day
A parky prays

As there is a quest for a cure
So we do not have to endure

We all try to raise those much-needed funds
Thanks to Kitty[i] she is raising thousands

The day marks Dr J Parkinson’s birthday
With the hope of finding some headway

We honour the red tulip
As the Parkinson jewel

So please join us to seize
This terrible disease.

By Stephen DuffieldPainter parkinsonhope symbol[i]
Parkinson’s hope symbol by Karen Painter




My Morning Parky Stiffness

My Morning Parky Stiffness

You wake up early morning
Your legs are squirming
You cannot move
It is like they disapprove

The legs start to spread
You slowly escape the bed
Only to explore
that your feet are now stuck to the floor

You start to move
With a parky groove
You find a chair
and get ready for the healthcare

The wife gets your meds
The wife gets your coffee
The wife gets your breakfast
Why, because your legs are reckless

You sit for an hour
Finally the legs gain some power
You need to start to exercise
To let the body harmonise

For now I can cope
I just pray and hope
That the meds take away
The parky ballet.

/Stephen Duffield